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Bio of Igbo community outside Igbo land

The first Igbo Community Organisation outside Igbo land in modern times was formed in Bathurst now Banjui in Gambia, West Africa in 1842 as a clarion call by people of Igbo origin to send educated Igbo men back to Igbo land to help in the development of Igbo Nation. Therefore we must not forget the pioneer missionaries, interpreters and commercial agents, who during the expedition of 1856 moved forward the original idea " the dream to return" to the Igboland mostly, Mr J C Taylor and Mr Simon Jones both of Igbo origin, who landed in Onitsha from Liverpool with Dr William Baikie and Rev.Samuel Ajaiyi Crowther.Dr Baikie is the origin of Nwa Baikee , Igbo name for white people as a result of his work in Igboland during the era of the Bible and Commerce hypothesis .His works had a great impact on Igbo people and their varied collective responsibility and responses to Missionary Propaganda at different times and periods. The 1920's brought the coming home of World War 1 solders and the return of the first elite's , who studied overseas. This led to Igbo Organisations in Lagos and other towns to organise receptions as Provincial Unions,Town Unions, Development Unions, Improvement Union and Welfare Unions. Hence in 1925 the IGBO STATE UNION was founded as an umbrella organisation, which later funded the building of a secondary School , IBGO National School at Aba Ngwa now a part of ABIA STATE UNIVERSITY as one of their achievements. The 1930's and 1940's were remarkable in the Igbo State Unionism leading to Trade Unionism and the formation of N.C.N.C the first Igbo political party. One of the major political parties that led Nigeria in the fight for Independence and the first indigenous News Paper the West African Pilot in 1935 had a strap line "Show the light, and the people will find the way.

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