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The Cultural Uniqueness of Liverpool

The city of Liverpool has continued to grow as a multicultural society, no surprise it was named the European capital of culture 2008. The first International Slavery Museum in the world is located in Liverpool. The museum demonstrates the importance of Slavery, the legacies and celebration of Black achievement. The ancient Igbo compound/ house is well seated at the museum and it is a masterpiece to behold.

The international Slavery Remembrance Day is marked on the 23rd August yearly globally. It is very well celebrated in Liverpool to commemorate the lives and deaths of Millions of enslaved Africans and their descendants. The high light of the celebration is performing the rite of libation. A libation is an ancient spiritual ceremony which involves pouring of a liquid as an offering to the creator in Memory of our ancestors of African heritage. The libation is performed by chief Angus Chukwuemeka, president Igbo community association, Liverpool. I implore you to have a tour of the Museum while in Liverpool.

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