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SINCE 1935

Igbo Community Association Liverpool (ICAL)
Crawford House, 2 Gwent Street, Liverpool, L8 3TU
Tel: +447999966509



You are welcome to the home page of Igbo Community Association Liverpool. Here you will find resources and updated information about the community. Formed in 1935, The Igbo Community Association formally known as Igbo Union is the first community organisation in Liverpool and among the oldest in the United Kingdom. It was formed by Igbo merchant seamen who worked on British ships that traded in West African countries. The social and economic history of Igbo Community in Liverpool has been that of patriotism, love of Igbo culture, entrepreneurism, conflict resolution and reconciliations.

Ndewo Nwanne 

Nnọọ nu na home page ogbako ndi Igbo bi na Liverpool. Ebe a, ị ga-enwete ihe nile banyere ogbako anyi. Ogbako ndi Igbo bi na Liverpool bidoro nkemgbe 1935. O bu otu n’ime ndị kasị ochie n’ime ogbako ndi mba ozo bi na Liverpool nakwa na United Kingdom nile.  O bu umunne anyi ndi n’azu ahia na ndi na-arụ ọrụ n'ụgbọ mmiri na-aga odida anyanwu Afrika bidoro ya. Oru ogbako ndi Igbo bi na Liverpool bu nke ihunanya, i lekọta mmadụ, aku na uba, omenala ndi igbo, ikpe na-idozi esemokwu.

Igbo Celebration

Find a slideshow of photos from a Igbo celebration. The Igbo Community in Liverpool is known for its love and elaborate display of the Igbo culture and tradition.

Igbo House

Its peculiar shape can stop you in your tracks when looking at it from the outside – while it can take your breath away once you’re within its walls. This eye catching 'Toxteth' building is the Igbo Assciation house, popularly known as the Igbo House. 


In 1944 the Igbo community in Liverpool became the first african and diasporan community in the city and probably in the country to acquire its own community centre without public funds.


The Igbo house centre at no 2 Park Way was acquired in 1988 and operated as a community centre and social club.

Igbo Women

Igbo women in Liverpool started meeting in 1980 with only nine members and was called “Liverpool Owerri Women Association”. In 1985, the association changed its name to “Igbo Women Association Liverpool”. At the beginning, the organisation hosted meetings every 2nd Sunday of the month, until in the 1990’s, when it was changed to every 3rd Sunday of the month. Currently the association has over forty members in total and is involved in several activities.

ICAL Summer BBQ Photos

Find a slideshow of photos from our summer BBQ party in May 2022

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