Chief Angus Chukuemeka - PRESIDENT

Chief Angus Chukuemeka is the present chair of the association. He also chaired the association in 1987. He has a distinguished career in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He is an urban renewal specialist in his own right, as well as holding a number of significant Board positions including previous Chair of the Afro-Caribbean Standing Committee, the Nigerian Community Centre, Merseyside African Council, Granby Toxteth SRB and current Chair of Granby Residents Association. During the presidency and-leadership of Chief Angus Chukwu Emeka, in 1987,  2 Parkway the present Igbo Community Centre was purchased with a freehold of the property for 1,000 years.

President Igbo Community Association Liverpool (2014 - Present)

Mr. Christian Chukwu - DEPUTY PRESIDENT

Vice Precident of ICAL (2017)

Captain Obi Okeke - General Secretary

Captain Obi Okeke is the present secretary of the association.

Secretary Igbo Community Association (2014 - Present)

Mr. Moses Igbokwe - Assistant General Secretary

Assistant General Secretary 2017

Dr. Okechukwu Ezeh - Treasurer

Treasurer - 2017

Moses Osunwoke - Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary 2017

Samuel Ihekereonye - Social Secretary

Social Secretary 2017

Mr Temple Osita - Welfare officer

Welfare officer 2017

Eze Ogbonna - Publicity Secretary

Publicity Secretary 2017


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Provost 2017

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Current Executives

Elected to office on 26th March 2017

Prince Uka U UKa

Prince Uka U Uka has an excellent track record in managing performance and delivering high quality customer-oriented service. He had played key roles in service delivery and community planning working with colleagues, other agencies, local authority, voluntary, community and faith organisations and statutory bodies. During the Presidency of Prince Uka U. Uka, The City Council paid £32,672.74 as Brick and Mortar for 54 Princes Road in 2001.

Former President ICA (1999-2006), Vice President NNI (2001-2004)

Mr Celestine Maduike

Mr Celestine Maduike hales from Umekwune in Ngor Okpala  Local government. He had resided in Liverpool for over fifty years. He came to the UK as a student and eventually settled in Liverpool and raised his family here. His career spanned  NHS and Higher education  at Liverpool John Moore University where he was a senior lecturer.  He also ran a thriving business in the care sector


He has been an active member of the Igbo community since the late 1960's he has always embedded the values of Igbo culture in his life and has strived to impart these core values to his children and grand children, He has always undertaken a prominent and active participation within the Igbo Community of Liverpool.


He served in various executive roles including secretary and chairman of the association at which time the organisation could only be described as a thriving and profitable organisation. During the Presidency of Mr C. Maduike, The Liverpool City  Council paid £29,457.48 as Disturbance Allowance in 1998 for 54 princes Road.

As one of the pioneering members, Mr Maduike has seen various changes over the years and is keen to see where the community goes next. He at this point also like to pay tribute to fellow founder members who are no longer with us, He truly believes in allowing change to come for the better and sees the youth of the community as the next set of torchbearers. He has pledged to give the benefit of his advice, experience and wisdom to see the Igbo Community grow to new heights.

Former President ICAL until 1998

Dr. Okechukwu Ezeh

Dr. Okechukwu Ezeh is the chair of the 2014 Iriji/Iwaji planning commitee

2014 Iriji Festival Planning Commitee

2014 Iriji Festival Planning Commitee

Cross section of 2014 Iriji Festival Planning Commitee members

2014 Iriji Festival Planning Commitee

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Past Executives and Commitees

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